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April 23, 2020 |

Case Study: Using Aquifer Across the PA Curriculum

September 21, 2021 | Curriculum Planning

Touro University California Physician Assistant Program has been utilizing Aquifer cases since 2019. Originally, the cases were assigned to clinical year students to fill knowledge gaps and remediate rotations. Clinical year students found reviewing concepts in Aquifer cases during the virtual rotation block very valuable and found that cases improved in-person patient encounters.


Covering ARC-PA Standards & Supporting SCPEs with Aquifer Custom Courses

October 28, 2020 | Exploring Our Content

We all know that every student will have a slightly different experience in each of their supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs). At our program, we’ve been using Aquifer cases to augment learning, build key communication skills, and supplement clinical experiences to meet ARC-PA standards.