Call for Participation: Clinician Editors for Aquifer Sciences Initiative

December 17, 2021

Integrating Basic Science Concepts into Aquifer Signature Cases

Aquifer is recruiting clinician educators to fully integrate teaching and learning core basic science concepts necessary for safe and effective clinical care into its Signature cases.

Our Reach

Aquifer’s teaching and learning tools are used in:

  • 97% of US allopathic medical schools
  • 66% of osteopathic medical schools
  • 100+ physician assistant programs
  • A growing number of nurse practitioner, residency, and international programs
Aquifer Sciences Clinician Editors will:
  • Propose appropriate learning objectives from the Aquifer Sciences Curriculum for a subset of existing Aquifer cases.
  • Collaborate with existing case authors, Aquifer Sciences basic science faculty to author new content that authentically integrates selected basic science concepts into the Aquifer case in a manner that promotes and deepens patient care excellence.
  • Serve as Clinician Editors for existing and new Integrated Illness Scripts (IIS) and Mechanism of Disease (MOD) maps as needed, identifying opportunities to further incorporate these new resources into the Aquifer cases and educator resources.
  • Run small pilots to test emerging best practices with local learners and faculty.
Expected Commitment:
  • January 2022: attend one 2-hour Zoom orientation with project leadership.
  • February 2022 – June 2023:
    • Two additional hours of asynchronous online training.
    • Collaboration Meetings: Monthly 90-minute Zoom calls to discuss work in progress, provide peer review and problem-solving of ongoing work with other clinical educators and basic scientists on the project, discuss progress, and share best pedagogical practices. 
    • Asynchronous Authoring and Editing: up to two hours per week committed to writing and editing content with established timelines and deliverables to enable effective and efficient cross-team collaboration (may include brief ad hoc Zoom meetings as needed with editing partners)
Benefits of Participation:
  • Impact the learning of students in 97% of U.S. medical schools and a growing number of osteopathic, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, residency, and international programs to drive better, safer clinician decision making through deeper science understanding.
  • Meaningful collaboration between interdisciplinary colleagues who are curious, open-minded and innovative with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives across a wide range of clinical and basic science disciplines from leading institutions.
  • Pilot emerging best practices to advance clinically-relevant basic science teaching at your local institution, with an opportunity to study and publish as desired.
  • Recognition of your work as an Aquifer Sciences Clinician Case Editor for relevant Aquifer Signature Cases and Integrated Illness Scripts/MOD maps to enhance your teaching portfolio and scholarship. 
  • Practicing clinician educator who is curious, collaborative and passionate about  incorporating an understanding of underlying basic science concepts into everyday clinical practice and teaching through life-long learning.
  • Experience teaching with Aquifer content at a subscribing program.
  • Experience teaching clinically-relevant basic sciences in the classroom or clinical setting.
  • Successful participation in a collaborative education-related project meeting published deadlines and deliverables.
  • Active member of AAIM/CDIM, STFM, COMSEP, AGS, AMSER and/or PAEA.
  • Able to commit to the project through June 2023.
  • Willing to recruit and engage local learners into their editing and review process.


Applications are now closed.

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