Call for Participation: Nurse Practitioner Task Force

May 2, 2022

Make an Impact: Work with Aquifer to Advance Medical Education

Aquifer—a unique non-profit organization dedicated to advancing healthcare education— is inviting Nurse Practitioners to join the new Nurse Practitioner Task Force. This Task Force aims to amplify the voice, interests, and experiences of nurse practitioner educators to Aquifer and participate in reviewing and developing teaching tools for nurse practitioner educators using Aquifer courses.

With 15 million virtual patient cases completed since our founding in 2006, Aquifer is the leader in developing clinical learning tools for medical and health professions education. Aquifer needs your help ensuring that our learning tools meet the needs of nurse practitioner educators.

Aquifer Nurse Practitioner Faculty Task Force Details

Work: Members of the Aquifer Nurse Practitioner Task Force will:

  • Identify challenges to using Aquifer curricular content effectively in NP curriculum

  • Develop and review faculty materials to support the use of Aquifer cases in the nurse practitioner curriculum

  • Provide input to Aquifer leadership regarding the priorities and unique needs of nurse practitioner programs

  • Participate in Aquifer webinars, blogs, and/or podcasts as available/appropriate to share best practices for solving curricular challenges using Aquifer cases

Benefits: Selected Task Force members will have the opportunity to:

  • Present Task Force work and your own educational innovations on a national level

  • Conduct educational research through the Aquifer Research Program

  • Influence and inform Aquifer leadership regarding the priorities and unique needs of nurse practitioner programs

  • Receive a letter of recognition for your scholarly work and Task Force participation

Commitment: This application expresses your commitment for 1 year, with work starting in September 2022. Work will include:

  • Attend one 60-minute video call meeting per month (4th Monday of the month at 1:00 pm EST)

  • Approx 2-3 hours/month of offline work

To apply, please complete our short online application below, open through May 20, 2022.

We hope you will consider joining the Nurse Practitioner Task Force and work with us to better serve the needs of nurse practitioner educators and students. The group will be supported by Aquifer staff and led by:

Marcy Ainslie, EdD, APRN, FNP
Asst. Professor, CHHS
University of New Hampshire
Department of Nursing

Sherilyn Smith, MD
Chief Academic Officer, Aquifer
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Washington School of Medicine


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