For Aquifer Staff Only!

Use this form if you’re a project lead/business owner/manager and you have a need to communicate with Aquifer’s external audiences (users, potential users, or the public).

Help Us Help You

We’ve created a structured to help you submit the complete information we need about your update or project to plan the most effective communication strategy to meet the needs of you, your team, and your audience.

For complex or ongoing projects and requests, this form is a starting point to gather initial information and start a conversation about your needs so that our team can build a Communications Plan for your review.

For routine updates and small projects, this form should provide all of the information our team needs to schedule and take action on your request. 

When to Use This Form


  • New features or significant updates to customer-facing:
    • Courses or products (new cases, Integrated Illness Script demos, formative assessments)
    • Aqueduct functionality 
  • Customer or potential customer outreach requests
  • Upcoming events (online or in-person) promotion requests
  • External (customer or public) news announcements
  • Updates to

X  No

  • Bug fixes & minor feature upgrades → managed through the Customer Success team
  • Routine updates to courses or products → managed through the Customer Success team
  • Consortium scholarship news (ie: promotions/awards/publications) → managed through Consortium Manager
  • Internal staff communication requests → managed through HR/Admin department

?  Not Sure

  • Complete the form and we’ll get in touch to help you get the information to the right place.


Once we have the information we need from you, our team will:

  • Determine/confirm the most appropriate ways to deliver your message, including:
      • Channels (email, website, Walkme, video, print media, social media)
      • Audiences (subscribers, potential subscribers, students, etc)
      • Schedule 
      • Delivery Methods (should this stand-alone or be combined with other messages?)
  • Execute and manage the creation and distribution of your communication, including:
    • Write and/or edit copy for all communications.
    • Select or create images/graphics as needed.
    • Complete layout design and formatting.
    • Submit drafts for your review/approval as needed.
    • Respond to any feedback/edits requested; modify/edit work as needed.
    • Request or obtain/upload any needed updates to email distribution lists to reach the appropriate audience from the appropriate source (Relationship Management, Curricular Operations, etc).
    • Publish and/or send communications on the agreed date/s.
    • Update you on the status of your communications when complete or at key intervals.
  • When you complete the form, you’ll get an automated email acknowledging receipt of your request.
  • Within 3 days, the Communications Manager will get back to you with either:
    • A request to set a meeting for discussion or for additional information.
    • An email indicating whether the request can be met–and if so, a timeline when you can expect either:
        • action on your request  (for updates and simple projects).
        • a Communications Plan (for complex needs or ongoing projects) for your review.

Review & Approval

Note: We will send drafts to you for review and approval as needed. You will be responsible for including any additional stakeholders in the review and approval process.

Communications Request Form

  • Please indicate if tentative or flexible
  • Check any/all that apply
  • (potential questions, training needs, possible negative reactions)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.