Andrew Olson, MD

June 4, 2019

Course Board: Aquifer Diagnostic Excellence

Role: Senior Director, Case Author

Cases Authored: DX Mini-Case 01A: Pediatrics, DX Mini-Case 05A: Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Excellence 01: Two women with iron-deficiency anemia

Institution: University of Minnesota Medical School

Institutional Role: Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Bio: Dr. Andrew Olson is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and practices hospital medicine and pediatrics. He serves as the Director of Medical Educator Development and Scholarship at the Medical School, and is the Director of the Medical School’s, Becoming a Doctor course. His areas of interest and study are the development of expertise in decision-making, methods to improve diagnostic reasoning education, and competency-based medical education.

Category: Educators Consortium, Diagnostic Excellence, Case Author, Senior Director