Petra Lewis, MBBS

June 21, 2019

Course Board: Aquifer Radiology

Role: Editor-in-Chief, Case Author

Cases Authored: Radiology 01: 23-year-old man Chest – Infection, Radiology 02: 51-year-old man Chest – Masses, Radiology 03: 65-year-old man Chest – Trauma, Radiology 04: 65-year-old woman Chest – Vascular and COPD, Radiology 11: 8-week old male – Pediatrics A, Radiology 12: 2-month old female – Pediatrics B, Radiology 13: 59-year-old woman MSK – Arthritis, osteomyelitis, Radiology 14: 28-year-old woman Women’s imaging – Pregnancy and infertility, Radiology 15: 43-year-old woman Women’s imaging – Malignancy and screening, Radiology 17: 65-year-old man – Cardiac and Cardiovascular, Radiology 18: Professionalism in Radiology

Institution: Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine

Institutional Title: Professor of Radiology and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Category: Radiology, Educators Consortium, Case Author, Editor-in-Chief