Stephen Scott, MD, MPH

June 25, 2019

Academic Director for Engagement

Dr. Scott first became involved with Aquifer (formerly MedU) in 2007, when he joined the fmCASES (now Aquifer Family Medicine) development group. He’s been an active member of the Aquifer Family Medicine Course Board (where he continues to serve) since the launch of the course, in addition to leading workgroups to support student and educator Aquifer users.

Dr. Stephen Scott recently became the Senior Associate Dean of Educational Affairs and Accreditation at the newly formed Texas Christian University and UNTHSC School of Medicine in Fort Worth, Texas. He served a short term as the TCU and UNTHSC Chair of the Department of Medical Education and Director for the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship prior to earning a promotion. Previously, he served as the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar. For more than 20 years, he has worked with medical students, residents, and faculty in the classroom and in clinical settings, including directing courses in patient-physician communication, clinical skills, public health, and other disciplines. Dr. Scott is the recipient of multiple grants and awards for educational leadership and innovation. He and his wife Melissa have two daughters. Steve enjoys playing the piano, the arts, reading, and exploring the world with family and friends.

Discipline: Family Medicine

Current Roles: Academic Director of User Engagement, Case Author

Former Roles: Associate Editor and Teaching and Learning (Aquifer Family Medicine)

Cases Authored: Family Medicine 14: 35-year-old woman with missed period

Institution: TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine

Institutional Role: Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs

Category: Family Medicine, Educators Consortium, Case Author, Academic Leadership