New Formative Assessments & Legacy Assessment Discontinuation Reminder

November 4, 2022

Transition to Formative Assessments For Learning

In 2018, driven by our mission of advancing healthcare education and informed by feedback from our users, Aquifer announced our decision to shift our assessment strategy away from summative assessment to focus on high-impact formative assessment to better serve learners. We believe that harnessing assessment and data as proactive learning tools will help students become more competent healthcare providers—not just better test takers.

Announcing Aquifer Calibrate: Available July 1, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of Aquifer Calibrate, our transformative assessments for clinical learning mastery.

Aquifer Calibrate formative assessments for family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and radiology, will be included with your subscription to the corresponding Aquifer courses for the 2023-24 subscription year (beginning July 1, 2023).

We are excited about the opportunity to drive self-directed learning by linking our comprehensive peer-reviewed curriculum to robust Calibrate assessments for learning. With detailed student reports that identify knowledge gaps and certainty misalignment, Calibrate will help align faculty and students to inform meaningful feedback, coaching, and structured remediation.

Explore our resources on Calibrate to learn more, or listen to the podcast from Dr. Leslie Fall, Aquifer CEO, on the future of formative assessment here.

Legacy Assessment Impacts

As we transition our assessment strategy, we want to remind all exam users of the pending discontinuation of some of our existing legacy assessments, which were announced in 2018.

  • As scheduled, our legacy multiple-choice exams for Aquifer Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Radiology will be discontinued as of June 30, 2023.
  • The Aquifer Internal Medicine Clinical Decision-Making Exam will continue to be available and included with your subscription to Aquifer Internal Medicine.

If you are currently using our legacy exams as practice tests or remediation, we are thrilled to bring you Calibrate, which is specifically designed to meet your needs.  We are confident you will be pleased with all the new system has to offer.

For those of you who are currently using our legacy exams for grading purposes, please complete this form to allow us to best support you through this transition. Aquifer’s customer success team will be in touch to provide additional assistance as requested.

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