Calibrate reports go beyond identifying right or wrong answers. Instead, they identify areas of strength to expand upon during clinical experiences. Calibrate’s reporting provides new dimensions for diagnosing and addressing areas of:

  • Under confidence
  • Overconfidence
  • Knowledge gaps

To access reports, click the “Calibrate Reports” button in the top right . You have two report options, the “Overall Course Progress Report” and the “Cohort Performance Report”. 

The Overall Course Progress Report

To get started, select the assessment course, followed by your program, and your start and end dates.

Once you make your selections, you can either view the report onscreen, or you can download the report as a CSV file. 

Selecting “Screen” and clicking “View Report” will immediately display the Overall Course Progress Report.

This report separates each student by row and allows you to see the following at a glance:

  • Whether or not this is a late or early exam 
  • Information about the exam, such as whether it has been restarted or auto-submitted
  • The status of the student’s exam completion
  • Their learning progress
  • The percentage of cases completed for the assessment
  • Aquifer coaching tips based on student performance

Access our Coaching resources to learn more about how to use Calibrate reports in your student coaching sessions. 

The Cohort Performance Report

To view the Cohort Performance Report, select the assessment course as well as the start and end dates. Once you enter the start and end dates, you will be able to choose from the available cohorts.

Once you select your cohort from the drop down list, you will have the option to view the report on screen or as a CSV download. 

This report shows a pie chart that shows the top and bottom levels of student learning progress within the cohort. 

The report also includes a table that begins with what the students are being assessed on. This section categorizes learning objectives, teaching points (with links to the individual points), the system addressed in the teaching points, and links to cases that address the teaching points.

The next section of the table shows you how the students did within the cohort. 

Based on student results, you can see the percentage of your cohort’s results based on the following categories:

  • Mastery
  • Competence
  • Unsure
  • Novice
  • Warning

The last three columns show the percentage of students who answered correctly, the percentage of students who completed the associated case, and the average time it took to complete the case.

This aggregated data shows you how your cohort is doing over all, allowing you to track performance, plan for coaching sessions, and work out remediation strategies.

Learn more about coaching and strategies.