ATTENTION ADMINISTRATORS: Please be sure to send the link to this page to your Accounts Payable department. Thank you for helping us ensure a smooth subscription process.

Institutions looking to subscribe to Aquifer for the first time should plan for a multi-step purchasing process the includes the production of a formal quote, invoice, purchase order, review of Aquifer’s Subscriber Agreement and/or User Agreement, as well as Aquifer’s own confirmation process and new user training and orientation.

If you are not a current subscriber and would like more information on accessing Aquifer courses, please visit our subscriptions page for information.

Annual Subscription Renewal Process

Review Your Quote & Confirm Your Annual Subscription Order
  1. When your quote is ready, you will receive an automated email from your Relationship Manager with a link to access your quote for review and submission.
    • Your quote includes your current course adoptions for easy reference.
    • Instantly view the cost to add or remove courses from your subscription by changing the course selections in your quote in the online interface. 
      • Your quote will not be final until submitted, so you can try out variations on course selections and the pricing will reset automatically. 
      • If you are not able to click to change your course selections, your order may be locked due to special circumstances. Please contact me to make changes to your order.
    • You will be able to download .pdf copies of your quote—with your revisions—at any time to review with colleagues and administrators.
    • You will need to click “Submit my Order” to confirm and send us your final order and advance the subscription process. You will receive confirmation emails when you submit your quote. 
  2. Next, your Relationship Manager will review your submitted order and contact you if they have any questions. When they confirm your order, you will receive an email that includes a final pdf copy of your order for your records. 
  3. Our accounting team will send an invoice within 10 business days of your confirmed quote. Payment is due within net 30 days from the date of the invoice. For more information, please see the information below. 

Remember, your subscription dollars are an investment in our non-profit mission to advance healthcare education.

Please note that your quote is based on your program’s current enrollment and only applicable to a single accredited program at your institution. Separately-accredited programs that do not already have a stand-alone subscription to Aquifer should not be rostered on an existing subscription. For example, your institution’s medical school/physician assistant/nursing programs are required to have separate subscriptions even if you are part of the same home institution

If separately accredited programs at your institution are using the subscription, please contact your Relationship Manager who will advise you on our licensing terms and help you to update your account and manage your subscription.

Key Information

  • Current W-9
  • Tax ID Number: Our employer identification number is 20-4755198.

Subscriber Agreement

User Agreement

Billing & Vendor Form Inquiry

Please complete the form below if your institution requires completion of a specific vendor form, or  if you have a specific billing question or issue.