Coaching for the Development of Master Adaptive Learners

The pace of the development of new biomedical knowledge and of changes in healthcare systems requires physicians and medical students to develop the ability to seamlessly adapt new information and concepts into their existing mental frameworks in order to become experts. Never has this dynamic been more in evidence than during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which new knowledge, skills, and processes of care have arisen at a furious rate. In order to develop into what the American Medical Association has termed Master Adaptive Learners, medical students, typically highly-motivated learners, will benefit from coaching from their clinical teachers to facilitate their self-regulated learning and help them develop the habits of mind required for making clinical decisions in modern practice.

In this workshop, we will present a schemata of the Master Adaptive Learner process and introduce novel tools to aid family physician faculty as they coach their students towards their development of cognitive mastery. The workshop will combine didactic presentation and practical application of the new coaching tools so that attendees will come away with useful skills to bring back to their home institutions. The presenters will encourage active discussion and group participation so as to benefit from the shared experience in the room in developing best practices for making use of the novel cognitive coaching framework and tools. You can find the handout from the workshop here.

Presented by:

  • Dave Anthony
  • Jason Chao
  • Sherilyn Smith
  • Leslie Fall