Aquifer for New Users: Best Practices for Using Cases to Support Virtual and In-Person Learning

September 21, 2020

Join our panel of medical educators and Aquifer staff experts as they review the pedagogical grounding of Aquifer cases, what’s included with your subscription, and practical tips for integrating Aquifer cases in your curriculum for optimum success. This session will review the best practice steps recommended to integrate these versatile, patient-centered cases and teaching tools across your curriculum.

Topics include:

  • Getting started
  • Reviewing a case
  • Choosing a curricular focus
  • Choosing cases and setting up custom courses
  • Integrating cases into courses
  • Orienting students and faculty
  • Tracking progress and assessment options

This session is ideal for deans, course directors, faculty and staff who are new users of Aquifer as well as anyone looking for a refresher or introductory review of using Aquifer cases.

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