It’s fast and easy to view your progress through Aquifer content. From your course page, students see a progress bar showing their progress through each case or Integrated Illness Script in the course, and the date the content was last accessed.

Scripts and Cases for reporting

For more detailed information—or to download and save your progress—we recommend using the Student Report for each course. The Student Report for a case includes the following information:

  • Case Number
  • Time from Case Start to Complete (Total time in hours, minutes, seconds)
  • Percent Case Completed
  • Pages Completed
  • Start Date (local time)
  • Date Last Accessed (local time)
  • Completion Date & Time (local time displayed on screen, Eastern Time displayed in exports)
  • Student-Entered Case Summary statement (if applicable)
  • Case Reset Status

If your program has access  to our Integrated Illness Scripts, you will also able to view your progress through scripts in their Student Report.  The report will provide the following information:

  • Time from Script Start to Complete
  • Percentage of Script Completed (measured by number of sections of the script opened) ..
  • Whether or not the Mechanism of Disease Map was opened within the script.
  • Student-Entered Notes in the Implications for Further Workup
  • Student-Entered Notes in the Implications for Management

How to Generate a Student Report

It’s easy to generate a student report in Aqueduct from your course page:

1. Choose the Student Report button on the right-hand side.

How to access student report

2. The generated report will appear. If both cases and scripts are included in a course there will be a separate tab in the report for each.

Case detail for student report
Student Report: Case Detail
IIS Student Report
Student Report: Integrated Illness Script

Your progress through a case is shown in real-time as:

  • Case Complete = Green Check Mark
  • Case Partially Completed = Yellow circle showing the percentage of the case complete – Note: the percentage is NOT a grade or score!
  • Case Not Started = Red Circle
  • Case Reset = Any color circle with a black outline

You Can Export a CSV File: All reports can be exported to a CSV file, which will allow you to sort and save your course progress including the work done in both cases and scripts. The export button is located on the right-hand side of all reports pages. All times will appear in Eastern Time on exports. Please note that times appear in local time on-screen.

Export Notes:

  • All times appear in Eastern Time on exports. Times display in your local time on-screen.
  • The number of times a case is reset appears in report exports only.

Completing a Case

Cases are complete when you click the Finish Case button in the Case Summary Download section at the end of each case. If you have completed the case content but don’t see the Finish Case button, be sure to answer all three required feedback questions at the end of the case. After you have completed the three feedback questions, you can access the Finish Case button and the downloadable case summary. If you do not complete the feedback questions and click the Finish Case button, your work will show as partially completed—as a yellow circle showing the percentage complete—on Aquifer reporting for both you and your instructor.

Completing a Script

Integrated Illness Scripts are marked as complete when you have opened and viewed each section of the script. Opening the Mechanism of Disease Map is reported in a separate column in your report.