To ensure a private and secure exam environment, Aquifer requires its online multiple-choice exams to be administered on computers configured with a secure exam browser. A secure exam browser temporarily restricts the computer from using any other browser for the duration of the exam, preventing the access of other websites or files. The secure exam browser application used by Aquifer is called Safe Exam Browser.

For Students

If you plan to take an Aquifer exam using your own desktop or laptop, you will need to spend a few minutes installing and testing the Safe Exam Browser. This applies to students taking exams for:

  • Aquifer Family Medicine
  • Aquifer Pediatrics
  • Aquifer Radiology

To help ensure a successful online exam experience:

  1. Verify your device meets the minimum technical requirements for the Secure Exam Browser to successfully download.
  2. Install and test the Safe Exam Browser days or weeks in advance of your exam to allow time for troubleshooting if needed.
  3. Be sure to complete the steps in the order listed below.

Before the Day of Your Exam

Follow these steps to install software that will prevent access to other websites or files during your exam. These files are only intended to be used while you are testing the Safe Exam Browser or taking your exam.

Download the appropriate Safe Exam Browser application for your operating system using the links below. You will be asked whether you want to save the installer file. Choose yes. This file may be saved wherever you like.

For Windows Users:
  • Download the latest Safe Exam Browser for Windows from this link.
  • Double click on the SEB_3.4.1.505_SetupBundle.exe file and follow the installation steps. Give the installer any permissions it needs.
For Mac Users:
  • Download the latest Safe Exam Browser for Mac OS from this link.
  • Save the SafeExamBrowser-3.2.3.dmg file and open it (it may open automatically).
  • Drag the Safe Exam Browser icon into the Applications folder in the mount window that matches the screenshot below.

  • Make sure you don’t have another Safe Exam version 2.x in the Applications folder of your Mac already (your config file may open the wrong version).
  • Create a folder on your desktop labeled “Aquifer Exam” to keep this start file in so you can locate it easily when you are ready to take the exam.
  • Click this Exam Portal link to begin download.
  • The download will begin in the bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Close your download bar after the portal has completed, by clicking the X to the right on the bar.
  • Open your downloads folder and search for “Aquifer_Exam_Portal_v1.seb”
  • The Exam Portal file will have an icon that looks like this:
  • When you locate that file, drag it or move it to the folder on your desktop labeled “Aquifer Exam”, and leave it there until you are ready to test the Safe Exam Browser.

After installing the Safe Exam Browser, we recommend taking a few minutes to test it with your device before the day of your exam.

  • Click on the “Aquifer_Exam_Portal_v1.seb” file to launch the short sample exam.
  • When you reach this screen, use these case-sensitive login credentials to sign in:
    • Login: Test234
    • Password: password
  • Once you enter the platform, select START to begin the short sample exam.
  • Complete the 2-question sample exam. At the last question, choose to END TEST.
  • Click YES to submit the exam, and use the CLOSE BROWSER option.
  • If you receive a pop-up asking to leave the Safe Exam Browser, please use the QUIT option.
  • You are now prepared to take your exam on your device.

If for any reason the Safe Exam Browser does not seem to be working for your device, you can simply perform a hard shutdown of your device to disengage the Safe Exam Browser.

A “hard shutdown” is continuously holding your power button until the machine completely powers down. The operating system will generate options to shut down with a pop-up, but you should ignore those and just continue to hold the power until the machine goes completely off.

Once the machine is powered off, you can turn it back on and resume regular use.

If you are still having issues, please contact Aquifer Exam Support.

Taking Your Exam

  1. Open the folder on your desktop that you created labeled “Aquifer Exam” and find the Exam Portal file that looks similar to this:
  2. Double click the icon to open the Safe Exam Browser application.
  3. The browser will ask if you want to Quit or Start. If you are ready to take the exam, choose Start.
  4. The Exam Portal page will look like this:

5. Use the assigned login and password your proctor has given you to start the exam. This is a password assigned for this exam and is not your regular Aquifer login and password.

Having Trouble?

For Administrators & Educators
For Students

Contact Exam Support Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern time, except on federal holidays.