The Future of Formative Assessment

August 8, 2022

Guest: Leslie Fall, MD, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aquifer and Clinical Professor, Division of Medical Education, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

In this Thought Leader podcast, Leslie Fall shares her inspiration and vision for Calibrate, Aquifer’s new formative assessment system. She reflects, “as educators, we need to own the fact that most of our assessments have been to drive a grade or drive a score and that we have trained our learners to think about assessment as something they need to do well on for grade.” Calibrate aims to shift learners’ focus from doing well on exams to developing the fundamental cognitive skills of caring for patients. This assessment approach promises to be empowering in that it gives learners information they can use to understand what they know and what they don’t know as well as guidance about what to do next to grow as clinicians. It is transformative in that it provides learners a template for a lifelong process of approaching patient care decision-making based on content and calibration.

Full show notes can be found here.

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