Aquifer’s Teaching & Learning Platform

Delivering Complete Course Control

Aquifer’s dynamic courses are delivered through Aqueduct®, our proprietary teaching and learning platform. Aqueduct enables administrators and educators to access course content, build custom courses, easily search and discover cases, manage users, and track student progress.

Access Aquifer Courses and Integrated Illness Scripts

Via Aqueduct, Aquifer courses and Integrated Illness Scripts are available on any schedule, at any pace. Students use Aqueduct to complete their case experiences. Our mobile apps provide access to cases anytime, anywhere—including working offline. Administrators utilize Aqueduct to view and manage courses within their subscription.

Create Custom Courses with the Content Library

Make the best use of Aquifer’s deep resources: design a completely customized course experience that is specific to your curriculum.

The searchable Content Library provides powerful search and filter tools, allowing you to find exactly the cases you need—and discover new content. It’s easy to mix and match cases from courses within your subscription to create a custom course that directly corresponds to your curriculum and your course rotations. Building a custom course allows you to organize your users and content and access tailored reporting.

Track Student Progress

With clear and simple reporting—by student, case, course, or program level—Aqueduct provides easy access to student progress through our courses. View student progress and course usage, export reports, and quickly scan students’ summary statements in our easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

Manage Users

Aqueduct’s user management tools offer complete control to customize user experiences based on your program’s needs and staffing structure. Decide who has access to work in courses, build student rosters, assign Calibrate assessments, and view reporting.

Assign Aquifer Calibrate Assessments and Access Reports

It’s easy to assign and take Calibrate formative assessments within Aqueduct. Faculty and administrators with the appropriate roles and permissions can easily assign assessments and access reports, and students take the assessments and access their own reports right from their Aqueduct home page.

Build To-Do Lists and Learning Plans

Students can search across their own Searchable Patient Library in Aqueduct to find cases they want to complete to fill in for missing experiences, prepare for clinic or brush up on key conditions. They can add cases to their own to do list in Aqueduct, and students completing Calibrate assessments can even build out their own individualized learning plan.