Exams & Assessment

Aquifer is a leader in providing high-quality assessment tools for health professions education that link directly to national curriculum standards. Our assessment questions are written and peer-reviewed by teams of healthcare educators collaborating with leading assessment specialists. We are dedicated to delivering meaningful feedback for educators and students that advances clinical learning. Our mission is to build better providers—not just better test-takers.

Aquifer assessments are…

  • Written by Experts: All of our assessment questions are written and peer-reviewed by teams of health care educators trained by leading assessment specialists.
  • Fully Validated: The questions have met rigorous statistical criteria at schools nationwide with a diversity of learners and curricula.
  • Included with your Institutional Subscription:Available for no additional cost for the 2023 – 24 subscription year with your institutional subscription to the corresponding Aquifer course.

Aquifer Calibrate

Transformative Assessments for Clinical Learning Mastery

We are excited to share that our innovative new formative assessment system is now available for all subscribers to Aquifer Family Medicine, Aquifer Internal Meidicine, Aquifer Pediatrics, and Aquifer Radiology. Aquifer Calibrate is an evidence-based test-enhanced learning tool designed to deliver granular feedback with recommendations for efficient, structured remediation and self-directed study.

Aquifer Internal Medicine Clinical Decision-Making Exam
Formerly the Key Features Exam

The Aquifer Internal Medicine Clinical Decision-Making Exam in the key features format aligns directly with CDIM’s national curriculum. This exam, validated in a recent study published in Academic Medicine, is the first designed for use in U.S. medical schools utilizing the key features approach, which focuses on challenging decisions in diagnoses and management to target critical decision points.