The Aquifer Educators Consortium forms the bedrock of Aquifer, bringing together more than 70 healthcare educators across disciplines—experts from the national leadership of organizations like AAIM, COMSEP, STFM, AGS, IAMSE, AUR/AMSER, and SIDM—to collaborate, innovate, and make advances in health professions education.

For educators and healthcare providers, participation in the Consortium offers a unique cross-disciplinary peer community and an exciting opportunity for academic scholarship and advancement.

Experience, Expertise, and Perspective

Consortium members are expert healthcare educators from across the country­—including award winners and leaders in national organizations—who possess the knowledge and skills needed to work collaboratively to create quality virtual case-based courses and assessments.

The Consortium creates 100% of Aquifer’s course content, from developing new content and teaching tools to writing and editing virtual patient cases and assessment questions­. But beyond the content, the Consortium provides direct strategic leadership to define the Aquifer pedagogy, inform technology development, and address emerging concepts and issues.

Consortium members represent Aquifer within their national organizations, acting as ambassadors at national meetings to connect with other users and often presenting their work to the academic community.

The Aquifer Educators Consortium gathers each year for several days of intensive interdisciplinary collaboration and brainstorming, professional development, and hands-on course development work. This year’s meeting focused on our developing teaching and learning tools and planning for the next generation of Aquifer cases.

The Consortium Explained

The Aquifer Educators Consortium is the reason that Aquifer’s course content is the most informative, up-to-date, and trusted source of clinical learning in healthcare education. The Consortium, supported by the Aquifer staff and a talented group of academic contributors, builds, updates, and maintains each course case-by-case through a streamlined process.

The Educators Consortium is made up of a unique blend of interdisciplinary and discipline-specific groups coming together to advance clinical learning.

Academic Leadership

16 Academic Council Members

The Aquifer Academic council meets monthly to provide cross-disciplinary strategic leadership on curriculum development, course improvements, emerging issues in education, and technological innovations. The Council includes Aquifer’s Academic leadership team, Senior Directors from each course board, and interdisciplinary team leads.

4 Interdisciplinary Teams

Representatives from across our course boards work together to develop new resources and tools and ensure a cohesive approach to pedagogy, assessment, teaching, and student engagement.

  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Engagement

8 Course Boards

Aquifer’s course boards author, develop, and oversee the peer-review process for every Aquifer case and learning tool.

  • Diagnostic Excellence
  • Family Medicine
  • Geriatrics
  • High Value Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
  • Sciences

Meet Our Consortium

Get to know our impressive interdisciplinary group of leading healthcare educators.