The Student Experience

Million Aquifer cases completed since our founding in 2006.

Building Clinical Reasoning Skills

Aquifer is committed to preparing students for clinical practice. Our case content focuses on teaching evidence-based decision making, and developing the problem-solving skills vital to providing quality patient care. Our courses fill educational gaps with realistic cases that tie directly to key content and national standards.

Cases walk students through the interactive process of a complete patient encounter:

Aquifer Case Patient Encounter Experience

Student Stories: How Aquifer Helps

Delivering Access to:

  • Key Conditions & Patients

    Gain experience missed in clinic due to location, time of year, access to patients, preceptors, and program structure.

  • A Safe Space for Clinical Decisions

    Realistic patient scenarios develop clinical decision-making skills.

  • Top Medical Educators

    100% of Aquifer’s content is developed by teams of top clinical educators from around the country.

  • Deep Evidence-Based Content

    In-depth comprehensive learning that covers national curriculum standards with authentic clinical context.

63,089 Students Have Spoken

Case Rating Feedback on Aquifer Cases

Each Aquifer case includes three student feedback ratings. Since 2018, students have rated Aquifer cases an average of 4.27+ stars (out of 5) across these three statements:

  • This case was a valuable use of my time.
  • I will apply what I learned to patient care.
  • I would recommend this case to another student.

Student Testimonial

Mobile Access—Anytime, Anywhere

With the launch of our iOS and Android apps, students enjoy a completely mobile experience and the ability to complete cases offline.

New Student Advisory Group

This new group of medical and health professions students will provide honest, in-depth feedback on our cases and new learning tools. Learn more…

Aquifer Student Advisory Group