Using Aquifer in Flipped Classrooms

May 21, 2021

Join our educator panel as they discuss the practical tips and strategies they have employed for using Aquifer cases and resources in flipped classroom models.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of ready-to-use Aquifer classroom resources and activities for teaching in a flipped classroom model
  • Advice from expert faculty on how they are using these resources to deliver engaging learning opportunities

This session is open to anyone and is ideal for educators and faculty in any discipline looking to expand their coverage on flipped classrooms.

Don’t have time for the full webinar? 
Skip to the content you need–full agenda with presenters and time stamps are listed below:
Introduction: 00:20
Agenda for webinar: 2:10
About Aquifer: 4:45
Benefits of flipping the classroom: 7:40
Challenges to flipping the classroom: 8:35
Strategies to optimize flipping the classroom: 9:40
Aquifer resources: 11:20
Radiology workshops: 15:58 with Pauline Germaine, DO, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Pre-clinical in a PA program in the Aquifer pediatrics course: 25:50 with Sara Kraus, MHS, PA-C, School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University
Providing a clinical-like experience for 3rd and 4th year medical students: 35:05 with Andrew Parsons, MD, MPH, University of Virginia
Aquifer Active Learning Module: Fever: 45:05 with Sherilyn Smith, MD, University of Washington School of Medicine & Aquifer
Q&A: 47:10
Wrap up: 54:10

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