Integrating Basic Science & Clinical Education: Why It’s Important & Tools to Support You

March 30, 2021

Join Leslie Fall, MD and Amy Wilson-Delfosse, PhD with guest presenters Esther Dasari Dale, PhD and Khiet Ngo, DO, MS, as they discuss the importance of integration of basic science and clinical education, the Aquifer Sciences initiative in collaboration with IAMSE (International Association of Medical Science Educators) to build a national basic science curriculum, and the upcoming Integrated Illness Scripts resources from Aquifer.

Don’t have time for the full webinar? 

Skip to the content you need–full agenda with presenters and time stamps are listed below:
Agenda: 4:33
Barriers of Integration: 6:40
Building a national sciences curriculum: 8:50
Importance of Improving Cognitive Integration 16:37
Curriculum Database in use with Esther Dasari Dale, PhD: 24:33
Anatomy of an Integrated Illness Script: 30:53
Integrated Illness Scripts in Preclinical with Leslie Fall, MD: 37:42
Integrated Illness Scripts in Clinical Year with Amy Wilson-Delfosse, PhD: 39:24
Integrated Illness Scripts Across the Curriculum with Khiet Ngo, DO, MS: 42:56
Aquifer Tools for Cognitive Integration: 46:50
Q&A: 48:45
Resources: 57:00

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