Coaching Resources

Learning Plan

The Learning Plan is used by the learner to reflect on their Calibrate results.

Aquifer Calibrate Coaching Script

This is a coaching script and note-taking tool designed to help you apply coaching principles with a student who has recently completed an Aquifer Calibrate assessment.

Coaching Relationship Fundamentals

This reference sheet describes the roles that a learner and a coach fulfill during a coaching relationship.  This reference sheet can be used to orient the learner and the coach to the expectations.

Coach Checklist

This reference sheet gives basic and detailed guidance and giving effective feedback.

Pattern Recognition in Calibrate Results

This reference sheet is designed to support a coach support a learner that is struggling to find patterns in their results.

Coaching Tips

This reference sheet provides coaches with guidance on how to engage effectively with a learner.

Aquifer Coaching Competencies

This reference sheet provides a description of the six competencies that Aquifer believes are essential for coaches to develop.

Tips for Giving Feedback

This reference sheet provides guidance for coaches that must give feedback to students.

Tips for Receiving Feedback

This reference sheet can be shared with learners that are developing their competence with accepting and using feedback.

Learner Checklist

This short checklist is designed to prepare a learner for a coaching session.