When you use Aquifer, you get more than just our cases. In addition to our unmatched course content, Aquifer provides valuable tools, features, and services for learners, faculty, and administrators. There’s a reason that over 15 million cases have been completed since our founding in 2006. Learn more about the unique learning tools and non-profit community Aquifer provides with each subscription.

Included with Your Subscription:

See for Yourself

Aquifer provides a free demo case for each of our subscription-based courses, and free access to our interdisciplinary courses on key topics. Viewing our demo cases is a great way to get a taste of the student experience in each course. For a guided tour of our cases and features, be sure to watch our Aquifer 101 Webinar.

If you would like a more in-depth exploration of Aquifer’s content and administrative features, please contact us to request a trial subscription.

In addition to our subscription-based courses, Aquifer also provides free courses on key topics, available at no charge to all teachers and learners:

  • High Value Care
  • Diagnostic Excellence
  • Oral Presentation Skills
  • Medical Home
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Foundations of Telemedicine
Aquifer 101: Intro to Aquifer Cases & Tools for Clinical Learning

Thinking of subscribing to Aquifer? Hear from expert educators for an overview of our content, platform, and learning tools. You’ll learn about our non-profit mission, the pedagogical grounding of our cases, what’s included with an institutional subscription, and ways Aquifer can be used to support your students and faculty.

Webinar Contents:

  • 0:00 – Welcome
  • 1:24 – Introduction to Aquifer
  • 2:50 – Case Pedagogy
  • 4:56 – What’s Included in Your Aquifer Subscription
  • 6:37 – Assessment Options
  • 7:02 – Educator Resources
  • 8:27 – Teaching & Learning System Tour
  • 27:50 – Using Aquifer in Your Curriculum
  • 32:50 – Q&A Panel with Educators Using Aquifer

Subscription Options

For Programs & Schools

For Individual Learners
  • Purchase & Access Information
    • Each individual subscription creates an account for separate student access paid via credit card. Credit/debit card information is not saved.
    • Subscriptions may be purchased by students, or by institutions that will provide access to students. Note: Administrators must have student email addresses in order to purchase on their behalf.
    • Faculty may purchase student access if they wish to access content.
    • Individual subscriptions to WISE-MD (Surgery) and WISE-On Call (Readiness for Practice) must be arranged separately via
  • Reporting Notes
    • Cohort reporting is not available with individual subscriptions.
    • Students can export their individual reports. Faculty could require student work to be exported and submitted for review.