Thank you for your interest in the Aquifer Physician Assistant Task Force.


We are recruiting for 12 active, highly engaged physician assistant educator members who are ready to work and:

  • Actively teach physician assistant students in the didactic or clinical setting using Aquifer cases
  • Currently subscribe to Aquifer
Work & Commitment

Members of the Aquifer Physician Assistant Task Force will:

  • Participate in the development of educator resources and training materials to support the integration of Aquifer cases into the physician assistant curriculum (develop and review new material in collaboration with colleagues) 
  • Participate in Aquifer webinars, blogs, and/or podcasts as available/appropriate to share best practices for solving curricular challenges using Aquifer cases

This application expresses your commitment for 1 year, with work starting in January 2021. Work will include:

  • Attend one 60-minute video call meeting per month
  • Approx 2-3 hours/month of offline work

Application Process

Applications closed on December 15.

Selected members will be notified by email after the deadline. Those not selected for this year’s Task Force will be notified and placed on a list for consideration for new project work or other scholarly opportunities.