Quick Reference Guide for WISE & CARE Reporting

Via Aqueduct, Aquifer’s Learning Management System
  1. To access WISE-MD, WISE-OnCall, or CARE reports, click on the “Launch (Course Name)” button at the top of the Course page for your program in your Aquifer account.

2. The WISE platform will open. All administrative accounts should see the following screen with an Admin navigation tab on the left-hand side. This is where you will be able to access reports. There are 3 report types: User List, User Progress, and User Activity.

Note: WISE-MD = Surgery and Skills; OnCall = WISE-OnCall

Administrators and Educator Reports

For each report type, the following are applicable:

  • Domain: Your institution or program (auto-populated)
  • Clerkship: Grouping of learners specified by the institution or program. These groupings are created on the backend by the WISE team and are useful for reporting. If you are interested in hearing more, please email wise@nyulangone.org.
  • Date Added: The date the user was added to the WISE database. Please note that users are added to the WISE database the first time they click on a WISE product button from Aqueduct. If a learner does not show up in the search, alter this parameter.

User List

This report will give you a list of users based on the date range you specified. The date range is the date the user was added to the database.

User Progress

This report will give you individual learner reports. If you do not specify names, then you will receive a list of all learners added within the date range specified. Click on the Progress button corresponding to the learner you are interested in to get their report.

User Activity

This report will give you group activity reporting based on two date parameters: the date the account was added and the date of activity. This report displays multiple learners at once. If you use more than one course (Surgery, OnCall, or CARE) then you are able to filter by course. The green check icon means the module is completed; the clock icon means the module is in progress.

Please note: Questions and practice cases are for learner self-assessment only and are not designed to be used for grading purposes other than completion, (i.e. you completed the questions, you get a Pass). There are no reports showing question results available to faculty/administrative staff. Learners are able to attempt the questions and practice cases as many times as they like.

Learner Reports

All questions and practice cases are meant to guide learning and the learners are able to redo the questions as many times as they need to determine the correct answer. The learner receives immediate feedback on the question (whether it is correct or incorrect) along with explanations. There are 3 types of learner facing reports available to the learner: Module Progress, Question Progress, and Quiz Activity.

Module Progress

This report displays the completion status for each module by section. If the learner is enrolled in more than one course on the WISE platform, they will be able to filter based on which course they need (Surgery/Skills, OnCall or CARE).

Question Progress

This report details the learner’s question performance by each attempt for each section of each module.

Quiz Activity

A graphical report of the learner’s question performance for each question, grouped by module and then section. 

***Faculty interested in noting completion of these questions can ask the learners to screenshot the learner facing reports and that image/file can be uploaded ***