Quick Reference Guide for WISE-MD Reporting

Via Aqueduct, Aquifer’s Learning Management System
  1. To access WISE-MD reports, click on the “Launch WISE-MD Reports” button at the top of the Course page for your program in Aqueduct.

2. The WISE-MD Administrative Control Panel will launch.

NOTE: From here you will be able to look at individual progress reports by learner and user activity details which will be the two most useful means of checking for completion on a particular assigned module.

Types of Reports Available to Administrators and Educators

Individual Progress Reports: student specific – these reports show the details of module complete by section, providing the date/time the student completed each section of each module.

Group Reports

User list: generates user list based on time frame entered; shows student’s name, username (email), date account was created and which program they belong to

User Activity: generates completion overview for each module by student within parameters specified by faculty user (date accounts were created and activity date range). The 8/8, 9/9, etc numbers show how many sections of the module the student completed.

User Activity Detail: Composite report of individual progress reports; shows dates and times that the student started and completed sections of a module; completed sections are denoted by green boxes.

Usage Overview: generates overall reports of how WISE-MD is being used; does not differentiate between unique users so if a student access the same module more than once, however many times the student accessed the module will be counted

Please note: The assessments in WISE-MD are self-assessment only and are not designed to be used for grading purposes other than completion, i.e. you completed the questions, you get a Pass.

Learner Facing Reports: The case questions are meant to guide learning and the students are able to redo the questions as many times as they need to in order to determine the correct answer. The student receives immediate feedback on the question (whether it is correct or incorrect) along with explanations. Our database records and keeps the last attempt at questions and students have the ability to keep track of their performance on questions based on their last attempt.

This Module Question Summary does not tell them which questions they answered right or wrong. This simply summarizes the correct and incorrect # of responses based on their best attempts.

***Faculty interested in noting completion of these questions can ask the students to screenshot their Module Question Summary and that image/file can be uploaded ***