Pauline Germaine, DO

Course Board: Aquifer Radiology

Role: Curriculum Lead, Associate Editor (former)

Institution: Rowan University

Institutional Title: Associate Professor of Radiology

Institutional Role: Vice-Chair of Research and Education

Melissa Held, MD

Course Board: Aquifer Pediatrics

Role: Curriculum Lead, Associate Editor (former)

Institution: University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Institutional Title: Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Institutional Role: Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Jenny Wright, MD

Course Board: Aquifer Internal Medicine

Current Roles: Curriculum Lead, Case Author

Former Roles: Associate Editor, Case Editor

Cases Authored: Internal Medicine 06: 45-year-old man with hypertension; Internal Medicine 10: 48-year-old woman with diarrhea and dizziness (Assistant Author)

Institution: University of Washington

Institutional Role: Associate Professor of Medicine

Jimmy Beck, MD, MEd

Course Board: Aquifer High Value Care

Role: Curriculum Lead, Associate Editor

Institution: University of Washington- Seattle Children’s Hospital

Institutional Title: Assistant Professor

Institutional Role: Pediatric Hospitalist

Katie Margo, MD

Course Board: Aquifer Family Medicine

Role: Curriculum Lead, Case Author, Associate Editor (former)

Cases Authored: Family Medicine 05: 30-year-old woman with palpitations

Institution: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Institutional Title: Associate Professor Emeritus