Beyond Memorization: Leading with the “Why” to Improve Clinical Reasoning

Explore how focusing on the “why” behind clinical conditions links basic science and clinical knowledge for more efficient learning. Hear how Case Western uses Integrated Illness Scripts throughout their didactic curriculum to go beyond memorization to deeper conceptual understanding. Find out how Aquifer’s Integrated Illness Scripts foster clinical reasoning skills.


  • Jensen Lewis, MSPAS-PAC; Case Western Reserve University
  • Leah Sheridan, PhD, Ohio University Heritage School of Osteopathic Medicine

Teaching with Aquifer Integrated Illness Scripts: A Quickstart Guide

Get up to speed on Integrated Illness Scripts (IIS) and find out how easy it is to start using them in your course or program. Whether you’re a clerkship director, clinical faculty, or basic science educator, Integrated Illness Scripts can help your students make key connections between basic science and clinical knowledge, driving a deeper understanding and improving clinical decision-making skills.

This session will include:

  • Overview of the learning theory behind IIS
  • Anatomy of an Integrated Illness Script
  • Feature overview in our learning platform
  • Teaching strategies and easy ways to use IIS in your course or program
  • Q&A panel with our team of expert educators

This session will be valuable for anyone who is new to Integrated Illness Scripts or wants to explore ways to integrate them into a course or clerkship, including Deans or Program Directors Clinical or basic science faculty in any discipline Coordinators and staff

This presentation is approximately 30 minutes with a 20 minute Q&A session. This webinar is open to all but will be most useful for faculty with current access to Integrated Illness Scripts through other Aquifer Curricular Partner programs.

Table of Contents:

  • 0:00 – Welcome
  • 4:22 – Introduction to Integrated Illness Scripts
  • 8:28 – About Cognitive Integration
  • 12:45 – What are Integrated Illness Scripts?
  • 15:48 – Live Integrated Illness Script Tour in Aqueduct
  • 24:39 – Using Integrated Illness Scripts
  • 36:30 – Q&A

Integrating Basic Science & Clinical Education: Why It’s Important & Tools to Support You

Join Leslie Fall, MD and Amy Wilson-Delfosse, PhD with guest presenters Esther Dasari Dale, PhD and Khiet Ngo, DO, MS, as they discuss the importance of integration of basic science and clinical education, the Aquifer Sciences initiative in collaboration with IAMSE (International Association of Medical Science Educators) to build a national basic science curriculum, and the upcoming Integrated Illness Scripts resources from Aquifer.

Don’t have time for the full webinar? 

Skip to the content you need–full agenda with presenters and time stamps are listed below:
Agenda: 4:33
Barriers of Integration: 6:40
Building a national sciences curriculum: 8:50
Importance of Improving Cognitive Integration 16:37
Curriculum Database in use with Esther Dasari Dale, PhD: 24:33
Anatomy of an Integrated Illness Script: 30:53
Integrated Illness Scripts in Preclinical with Leslie Fall, MD: 37:42
Integrated Illness Scripts in Clinical Year with Amy Wilson-Delfosse, PhD: 39:24
Integrated Illness Scripts Across the Curriculum with Khiet Ngo, DO, MS: 42:56
Aquifer Tools for Cognitive Integration: 46:50
Q&A: 48:45
Resources: 57:00