Lessons Learned from COVID: Best Practices for Using Aquifer in Virtual Courses

December 21, 2020
Join our educator panel as they discuss the practical tips and strategies they have employed for using Aquifer to manage learning disruptions due to COVID, and the lessons they have learned and will take forward.
Topics will include:
  • Advice from expert faculty on how they used Aquifer courses to manage learning disruptions
  • Lessons learned–what teaching practices using Aquifer cases they will bring forward and what they will leave behind
This session is open to anyone, and is ideal for existing subscribers looking for innovative ways to prepare for future learning disruptions.

Don’t have time for the full webinar?

Skip to the content you need–full agenda with presenters and time stamps are listed below:

Intro & Aquifer During the Pandemic: (start at the beginning)
Best Practices:
Tele-precepting: Cindy Lord, MHS PA-C, Case Western Reserve Physician Assistant Program (starting at 11:25)
Online Orientation: Dr. Traci Marquis-Eydman, Quinnipiac University (starting at 17:32)
Case-Based Learning Sessions: Dr. Kirstin Nackers, University of Wisconsin (starting at 24:35)
Oral & Written Presentation Skills: Dr. Ronda Mourad, Case Western Reserve University (starting at 32:20)
The Student Experience on Virtual Rotations: Georgia Vasilakis, West Virginia University School of Medicine (starting at 38:43)
Remediation: Dr. Sherilyn Smith, University of Washington (starting at 46:10)

Q&A: (starting at 48:05)

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