Searchable Case Library

You can now search and filter the Aquifer cases available to you with your program’s subscription—plus Aquifer’s five free cross-disciplinary courses—to quickly select the cases you need.

Our new searchable Case Library page, accessible from the main navigation menu for all administrative users, is home to the advanced case search—and our updated detailed case list display.

The advanced case search includes a series of dropdown filters which allow you to view cases by:

  • Presenting Problem
  • Final Diagnosis
  • Additional Diagnosis
  • Aquifer Signature Course
  • Age Group
  • Clinical Focus
  • Other Clinical Discipline
  • System
  • Clinical Location

You can also use the Search field to conduct a keyword search, which includes text in the case titles, case synopses, and learning objectives.

Detailed Case List Display

With our new detailed case list display, you can also view key information—including case synopses, learning objectives, and cases summaries—with one click to help you choose cases that fit your needs. Aquifer cases are authored and continuously updated by the expert healthcare educators who make up the Aquifer Consortium. Case authors and the date the case was last updated are now displayed for each case—so you can be sure your students are being provided up-to-date content written by your trusted peers.

You can also access all cases directly from this page by clicking on the case title. As an administrative user, you will have ungated access to the cases, so that you can access all content at once without answering questions as you advance.

Put Your Cases to Work

Once you have selected the cases you need, you can create a custom course directly from the Case Library page. You can choose cases to assign to students to prepare for or review key clinical situations or concepts.