Aquifer Calibrate provides objective formative assessment data to fuel effective coaching and efficient self-directed learning in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Radiology.

Calibrate Permissions and the Lead Course Administrator Role

All Program Service Administrators (PSAs) and Curriculum Administrators have full permission to set up Aquifer Calibrate assessments within a subscription and view all administrative reports. 

We have also introduced a new discipline-specific role to help ensure the protection of assessment data within your subscription The new Lead Course Administrator role is FERPA-compliant and will allow you to appropriately limit Calibrate access and set up to specific curricular tracks, rotations, or clerkships.  

Your program is allowed up to three (3) Lead Course Administrators (LCA) per subscribed Signature Course and 3 LCA roles for the Clinical Excellence course. Your LCAs will have access to Calibrate setup and Calibrate reporting functionality for the assigned Signature courses. The LCA role also allows for flexibility – if you have a lead staff person who will need to manage Calibrate assessments for more than one discipline, you can assign to more than one Calibrate discipline.  

Rostering the Lead Course Administrator (LCA) Role

Only PSAs and Curriculum Administrators may assign LCAs.Once it is determined who will need to be an LCA, a PSA or Curriculum Administrator can assign individuals by clicking the Users link from the main menu. On that screen, the LCA Dashboard will be visible to all PSAs, Curriculum Administrators, once assigned, also LCAs. 

You can assign up to three (3) people as the LCA for each Aquifer Signature Course. Use the dashboard to search for each administrator. Once you select the individual you wish to assign, click the Save Changes button. 

If you are a PSA or Curriculum Administrator and need assistance setting up your LCAs, please contact or your Aquifer Relationship Manager.

Setting Up a Calibrate Assessment

Click the “Request Calibrate Assessment” button to set up a Calibrate delivery.  This will open the Assessment Delivery Request Form. From there, follow these instructions:

  1. Fill in your contact details
  2. Select the start date and time as well as the end date and time of the assessment
  3. Give your Assessment a nickname so it is easy to find
  4. From the drop-down menus, select:
    1. Type of student
    2. Level of student
    3. The course being assessed
    4.  And the purpose of the assessment (whether it is an early or late assessment)
  5. Select whether or not the students have been assigned specific Aquifer Signature Course Cases, and if so, how many
  6. Register the students who will be taking the assessment in one of two ways
    1. Use the “Search” feature to find the students
    2. Register the students in a batch by clicking on the Register Batch emails button and copying and pasting a comma-separated list

Use the search feature to find students individually.

Click the “Register Batch Emails” button to register a comma-separated list of students.

Once you have registered your students, click the “Submit Assessment Delivery” Request button.

Students will automatically receive an email with a link to take the assessment. To learn more about Calibrate results and reporting, please see Calibrate Reporting for Administrators.