Aquifer Calibrate is designed to leverage the concepts of test-enhanced learning and spaced repetition to drive self-directed learning in clinical students

Calibrate reporting provides faculty visibility into student knowledge gaps and certainty misalignment. This allows for meaningful mid-clerkship feedback, informed coaching, and structured remediation. Let’s get started by accessing the Calibrate dashboard.

The Calibrate Dashboard

Once you log in to Aqueduct, click “Assessments” from the top menu. This will open the assessments dashboard. The dashboard is where you will request and manage your assessments.

The blue buttons on the top right allow you to access our current exam request form, request a Calibrate assessment delivery, and access Calibrate reports.

The table lists current assessments and their status.This allows you to see if an assessment has been completed or if it is still active.

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To get started, click the “Request Calibrate Delivery” button. This will open the delivery request form.

  1. Start by entering your contact information.
  2. Select the date and time of your assessment. Assessments are available for a 7 day window.
  3. Select the type of student who will take the assessment.
  4. Select the course this assessment is for.
  5. Select the purpose for the assessment

For the next section, you will need to select the type of student, the assessment course, and the assessment delivery purpose.

You can sort the list by student email, first name, or last name. You also have the option to select students individually, select them all at once, or search for individual students.

If your students require additional time, you can select it from the Assessment Timing dropdown.

If you do not wish the students to take the same exam multiple times, remove the names highlighted in red before re-submitting your request. 

Once you submit your request, you will be asked to confirm your assessment delivery.

The dropdown menu provides the option of increasing the standard time by 1.5 or by 2. 

Once you have selected your students and are satisfied with the schedule and timing, click the “Submit Assessment Delivery Request” button. 

If any of the students have already taken and completed the exam, you will see a warning message. 

The students will now receive an email with all of the information they need to access the assessment. Learn how to access Calibrate reporting.