Aquifer Psychiatry: Editor in Chief Call to Action

January 25, 2024

Make an Impact: Work with Aquifer to Advance Medical Education

Aquifer—a unique non-profit organization dedicated to advancing healthcare education— is recruiting new applications to join our Aquifer Consortium as an associate editor on the Pediatrics board. To achieve Aquifer’s goal of comprehensive curriculum coverage, we are looking for professionals who will enhance cases focused on clinical reasoning in Pediatrics.

With 15 million virtual patient cases completed since our founding in 2006, Aquifer is the leader in developing clinical learning tools for medical and health professions education.

Call to Action

To achieve Aquifer’s goal of comprehensive curriculum coverage, we are creating a new course in Psychiatry.

As part of this effort, Aquifer is recruiting Editor(s) in Chief for the development of the Aquifer Psychiatry Course. The Editor(s) in Chief of new Aquifer courses oversees the work of case authors and ensures that the content is accurate, up to date, and appropriate for the intended audience of health professions students. The Editor(s) in Chief collaborates with appropriate Aquifer staff and reports to the Chief Curriculum Officer.


This role will start in April 2024, with the new course anticipated to be released in July 2025. The effort itself will require specific time and duties depending on the tasks of the Editor(s) in Chief, as detailed below, though we will adjust the schedule based on availability.

Application Requirements Include:

  • Being actively engaged in MD/DO/NP/PA student education in Psychiatry.
  • Being a subject matter expert related to the case content and able to commit to the timeline.

Editor(s) In Chief Expectations:

  • To work with Aquifer staff to recruit all academic contributors needed to create the curriculum.
  • To assign cases to appropriate contributors.
  • To provide guidance to contributors on the learning objectives that should be addressed in each case.
  • To review drafts of each case and provide feedback to contributors on their work.
  • To ensure that the final version of each case aligns with the learning objectives of the case, including adding and editing content as needed.
  • To ensure that the curriculum as a whole covers the needed range of topics and clinical scenarios.
  • To collaborate with Aquifer staff to create relevant educator resources.
  • To collaborate with Aquifer staff on communications to publicize the content.

Aquifer will provide a detailed letter for your educator’s portfolio and acknowledgment on our website in recognition of your contribution.

If you are interested, please email Emily Stewart, MD, Aquifer’s Chief Curriculum Officer, at to answer your questions.

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