Palliative Care Teaching: Now Integrated in Aquifer Cases

January 26, 2023

Aquifer is excited to share that we have published embedded curricular threads that weave brief, just-in-time teaching on Palliative Care principles directly into 13 of Aquifer’s core cases. In each of these cases, students are asked to make a clinical decision related to that Palliative Care and that specific case, followed by a detailed answer comment and teaching points — adding less than 2 minutes of learning time and providing additional knowledge in an engaging and interactive way.

Family Medicine 29: 72-year-old male with dementia
Geriatrics 14: 88-year-old female with dementia and feeding issues
Geriatrics 15: 75-year-old male with abdominal pain
Geriatrics 16: 87-year-old male with low back pain
Geriatrics 20: 79-year-old male with severe pain and low health literacy
Geriatrics 21: 70-year-old female with symptomatic end-stage COPD
Geriatrics 27: Advance care planning
Internal Medicine 21: 78-year-old male with fever, lethargy, and anorexia
Internal Medicine 27: 65-year-old male with hypercalcemia
Pediatrics 28: 18-month-old male with developmental delay
Pediatrics 29: Infant male with hypotonia
Radiology 01: 23-year-old male Chest – Infection
Radiology 06: 42-year-old female GI – Hepatobiliary and pancreas

These integrations represent the first of our Clinical Excellence Integrations, which will be available on a range of topics on July 1, 2023, ensuring that health professions students gain knowledge and skills in areas that are essential to becoming excellent clinicians but that are sometimes overlooked in undergraduate medical education.

A set of thirteen Excellence in Palliative Care cases are available for programs who want more in-depth teaching on this important topic, as part of our new Clinical Excellence Case Set.  With access to both the case sets and curricular threads, programs have the trusted tools needed for introducing topics for early learners, revisiting key principles during relevant core clerkships, and building advanced electives.

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