Important Update to Internal Medicine Case 3

June 30, 2022

Available for all Aquifer Internal Medicine subscribers

Aquifer is excited to announce that Aquifer Internal Medicine 03 – 54-year-old female with Syncope, has been updated by the Aquifer Internal Medicine Course Board. The updated version of the case is called Aquifer Internal Medicine 03 – Four Patients with Syncope, and is available for all Aquifer Internal Medicine subscribers as of July 1, 2022.

The updated version of this case now follows four different patients instead of one, each of whom has the same concern, but with differing etiologies. By covering four patients with the same concern, the updated case allows students to sharpen their clinical reasoning skills.

Reimagining case 3 as a series of short cases with a common chief complaint like syncope allowed for the delivery of content into bite-size portions, while underscoring the concept of different causes, or differential diagnoses. The rewrite process focused on comparing and contrasting the illness scripts of each cause, allowing for the practice of clinical reasoning, thereby promoting deeper understanding and retention of the teaching points.

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